Emergency Helpline 11314

Emergency Line 11314


The Administration of DUTH, in the context of its effort for better and more effective response to any emergencies that arise in the field of campuses, launched a new service from April 2018. This service refers to an “EMERGENCY LINE 11314”, which is activated by dialing a five-digit telephone number – 11314, from any telephone. This call can be made by anyone wishing to report an emergency within the campus and located in the region of Thrace.

Depending on the geographical location of the caller, the corresponding recipient of the line will be activated. Thus, for those who call from the area of ​​Xanthi, the line manager in Xanthi, ie the guard of the Central Outpost (PROKAT buildings) in the city of Xanthi, will respond, for those who call from Komotini, the line manager of Komotini, ie the guard of the Central Outpost located at Gate AD (Rector’s Office) and for those who call from the area of ​​Evros (Orestiada – Alexandroupolis) will be answered by the person in charge of the line in Alexandroupolis, ie the guard of the Central Outpost of the Medical School.

This service concerns:

  •  the 24-hour emergency management reported by name and concerning members of the university community, teaching staff, administrative staff, students. This service only serves cases that need immediate treatment due to their exceptional nature. Those responsible for keeping the line are in no way obliged to provide information on common issues (eg exam schedule, grades, etc.)
  •  the recording in a special book of any emergency (violence or other criminal acts) that refers to the service of the emergency line and the effort to find a solution. The recipient of the request – complaint will immediately inform the competent employees of DUTH or another person in charge, if he is unable to resolve the specific incident on his own.

The described service aims to improve safety through the immediate response of emergencies and only, serving the students and staff of the Institution. In no way can it replace the provision of information by the Secretariats of the Departments or other services of DUTH for current issues and not emergencies.