Student Complaints Form

Adopted on 18 January 2022

by the 34th meeting

of the Assembly of the Department Komotini

Procedures for submitting complaints and objections

(Appendix to the Internal Regulation of the Department of Social Policy)

In the Department of Social Policy, there are six procedures for submitting complaints from side of the students of the Department:

1. If the complaint concerns a course of the Study Program, the students they discuss it with the teacher or by exchanging messages through e-mail or in a face-to-face meeting with the teacher teacher, during his/her office hours. In case the problem does not resolved, students have the possibility to follow one of the following procedures.

2. Students have the opportunity to express any complaints to Their Academic Adviser. The issue is resolved at the Academic level Counselor if possible. Otherwise, the Academic Advisor informs the President, who proposes solutions or refers it subject to an Assembly for a decision. If the complaint brought to the Assembly of the Department concerns a member of the Assembly, this member is not present during discussion of the matter and, if it is the President, the Assembly is called by her/his deputy.

3. Alternatively, students may transfer their complaints directly to the Chair of the Department either by e-mail or by life meeting with her/him. The issue is resolved at the level of the President, if that is feasible, or the President refers the matter to an Assembly for a decision.

4. Also, to submit any complaint, students may fill out the relevant “Complaints Procedure” form found on the website of the Department at the link: %ce%af%ce%b1- %cf%80%ce%b1%cf%81%ce%b1%cf%80%cf%8c%ce%bd%cf%89%ce%bd- %cf%86%ce%bf%ce%b9%cf%84%ce%b7%cf%84%cf%8e%ce%bd/ Complaints collected through the above form are sent automatically by e-mail to the President and his Secretary Department. The President proposes solutions or refers them for download decision in the Assembly of the Department.

5. Students still have the possibility to submit any complaints in writing to the Department Secretariat. They are then notified to the President, which proposes solutions or refers them to the Assembly of the Department. 6. Finally, students may transfer any complaints to the Student Association. The Association forwards them to the President, usually in one lifetime meeting, and after discussion the ways of resolution are proposed. Alternatively, the A Student Association may bring the matter up for discussion at its Assembly Department.

The above procedures do not prevent the appeal of the students concerned to the Student’s Advocate or to other appropriate bodies of the IFT, when the prescribed conditions are met. They also do not affect special provisions submitting objections (e.g. before the Internship Objections Committee).


Student Complaints Form

To submit any complaint, students are invited to use the following contact form: