European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

The Assembly of the Department of Social Policy, at no. 50/14.12.2022 meeting, unanimously decided to update it with no.
DPTH/TKP/16357/339/11.11.2021 its decision, taken in no. 32/05.11.2021 meeting of the Assembly of the Department,
for granting certificates of knowledge of computer operation to the graduates, as follows:

In the Department of Social Policy, knowledge of computer operation is demonstrated by the successful attendance
and examination of four (4) of the following IT or computer operation courses:

  1.  Introduction to Informatics.
  2.  Computer Use in Social Sciences.
  3.  Quantitative Methods of Social Research – Statistical Analysis with the Use of Computer.
  4.  Intrnship II: Teaching of Social Scienses throught ICT
  5.  Gender and New Technologies.
  6.  For the old curricula: Informatics IΙ // Informatics IΙ:Use of computers and office applications