In ASEP’s announcements, the degree of the department is included among the accepted titles for filling positions in the PE Social Policy, PE Administrative, PE Administrative-Economics and PE Sociologists branches.


The Department grants certificates of computer proficiency to its graduates as an additional qualification for appointment.



The Department grants a Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Proficiency to its graduates as a qualification for appointment to secondary education.


The degree of the Department is included in the table of standard qualifications for candidates in the educational branch PE78-Social Sciences.



The Department of Social Policy provides the possibility of attending free of charge preparation courses for students for their participation in the exams of the State Certificate of Foreign Languages (KPG), for levels B1-B2 and/or C1-C2.

The purpose of the Department is to provide its students with the necessary knowledge for the design, development and evaluation of social policies and to acquaint them with the study of contemporary social problems. Cultivating skills of critical synthesis of knowledge, concepts and methods from a wide field of social sciences is a central goal of the Department.

The Department of Social Policy is a modern and dynamic department that offers university education in the subject of Social Policy. It has a strong multidisciplinary character and its students acquire a level of knowledge and experience that allows them to utilize knowledge, skills and methods from a wide range of social sciences, such as Social Policy, Sociology, Economics, Law, Criminology , Political Science etc. In addition, it becomes possible for students to be able to perceive the way in which these sciences are constantly changing and being restructured and to interpret the different perceptions and values of people from different social, cultural and economic groups. The curriculum of the Department meets European and international academic study standards and the needs of students interested in the subject of Social Policy, both in theory and in practical application.

In addition, the Department provides the possibility of conducting scientific and comparative research, through the provision of doctoral degrees, on subjects that are part of the wider field of social policy practice.

Graduates of the Department can work in social institutions, both in the public and private and third sectors, dealing with the planning and implementation of social policy, as well as dealing with social problems. For example, graduates of the department can be employed in ministries, insurance organizations and companies, hospitals and health structures, prisons, social structures, universities and research centers, large companies, non-governmental social purpose organizations and in local administration. In addition, graduates have the opportunity to work in public and private bodies abroad, such as the European Union, the UN, the OECD, multinational companies and non-governmental organizations with social purposes.

Here you will find useful information about the structure of the department, its detailed curriculum, the research activities of its members, as well as the academic, technical and administrative staff and their contact details.

The website of the Department of Social Policy is constantly being enriched and supplemented with additional information regarding all the matters related to the educational operation of the Department starting with the beginning of each academic year. Those interested are invited to visit it regularly to be informed about the latest announcements.


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